Lexvest is a Real Estate Investment Advisory Firm that provides real estate advisory services and manages private equity investments for domestic and international institutional and high net worth clients. Capital preservation and risk management is the foundation of our investment strategy, with returns derived from a combination of cash flow, interest and/or capital appreciation. Investments are made only in types of real estate in which the Lexvest Principals have extensive operating and/or development experience in operating.


I. Investment- Invests in value-added and opportunistic real estate transactions with small to mid-sized real estate operators, primarily in the Northeast.

II. Advisory Services- Consulting, Workouts, Repositioning, and Managing Distressed Real Estate Projects

Competitive Advantages:

  • Strong Investment Process. Lexvest understands the discipline and integrity required to realize profits in real estate.
  • Strong Regional Focus. Members of the Management Team collectively have over 25 years of experience in the investment and development of real estate in the Northeast.
  • Relationship with Lexvest Development. Investors have the benefit of a formal first offer relationship with Lexvest Real Estate Development.
  • Experience/Operator Capabilities. The Principals are able to evaluate, underwrite, structure and manage its investments from an operator’s perspective rather than simply as a financial investor.
  • History of Joint Ventures. The Principals have a long and successful history of working in joint ventures with other operators.
  • Proprietary Deal Flow. The scope and breadth of the Management Team’s activities, combined with their well known reliability and relationship approach has historically resulted in a substantial flow of proprietary investment opportunities.



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